Company Description:
Shahbaz Nuts s.a.r.l. was established in 2004, by opening its first retail outlet in a major hypermarket in Beirut, Lebanon, by creating an appealing design to display all our products.  Shahbaz Nuts specializes in selling various types of roasted/salted nuts and kernels through our in-house roasting facilities.  Our product is then distributed to our retail stores located throughout the Lebanese territories.  All our retail outlets have a unique architectural appearance, which compliments the quality and taste of our various products on display.

Shahbaz Nuts operates within the boundaries of a single word: Quality.  With the intense competition in this field, we had to create an image of quality, and also serve products of quality.  To achieve this challenge, we had to start from the roots. 

We select the best available raw nuts & kernels.  We roast, process and deliver them to our retail outlets in the shortest time possible.  We created an appealing boutique concept to attract by-passers. We trained qualified, independent, self-motivated personnel to sell our products in our retail stores.  We studied a pricing structure to remain competitive with the key players.

All these stages are consistently monitored to ensure the proper flow of operation. Our expansion in such a short period of time confirms that our monitoring mechanism is functioning properly.

Stages of Development:
Our expertise in roasting dates well over 25 years of qualified know-how and hands-on processing.  This factor was a catalyst to our rapid expansion.  Shahbaz Nuts exploits numerous outlets located in key super/hypermarkets in Lebanon and our goal is to continue on this expansion track.Type your paragraph here.